#1 Secret Tip to Car Painting

What is this secret tip?. . .



When it comes to preparing any car panels for body work or paint, the number one ingredient for success is cleanliness.

Whether you’re a professional automotive spraypainter or a do-it-yourself weekend warrior, the key to a good looking end result is to be thorough with your cleaning. Really take those extra moments, minutes or  even 10’s of minutes to get rid of all the dirt and contaminants on your panels, floor, clothing, and equipment.

There are several different tools and materials to help achieve this; such as wax and grease remover, air blower guns, tack rags and lint free cloths.The goal here guys is to remove the chance of  any little specks of disappointment landing in your nice flowing wet coat of colour, and pitching up a wee shiny sign reading “home sweet home”.. okay, so how do we do that?

Well, in essence you always want to blow off your part with an air blower gun initially, get right into all the little knooks and krannies ( its highly advised to wear proper safety equipment when doing this, use glasses and respirators to protect your eyes and lungs, and ear plugs , because air blower guns can pack the decibels sometimes. To have a better idea of what i’m talking about check these out here.)

Next, using wax and grease remover and cloths, wipe down your parts, removing the contaminants. Use one cloth to wipe on and a clean one to wipe off. Repeat until the wipe off rag is dirt free after each pass.

Then blow off again making sure to blow your floors down and walls, or any objects prone to holding dust that are nearby, follow that step by wiping over as throughly as possible with a tack cloth ( a sticky cloth used to cling to any loose contaminants and pull them away from the substrate). once complete you can now mix your paint and apply your desired paint materials.

P.s. If not yet sanded you can disregard the 3rd and 4th steps and sand your part after wax and grease removing, but before applying any paints make sure you complete the 1-4 step process as explained above  :).

Happy Preppin’ folks.

P.P.S. An awesome Autobody expert to learn from is my pal Tony over at LABAP.

He constantly gives epic videos on bodywork and painting and has great courses to get involved in, free manuals and all! go check him out. His course can be found here.



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