Hey Guys!, This is my Beautiful Partner Phoebe and I.

My name is Isaac Barber, and some may say that we are the cool folks here behind Webisit.

Of course, we aren’t rude so we won’t say they’re wrong. . . but, that’s beside the point ..

Our aspiration here is to have a platform where we can share our thoughts, moments and ponderments (sometimes you just gotta make up a word..right) in an environment ideal for discussion and exploration.

I myself have passions for capturing the moment, whether it be spiritually or materially, i believe that if what i can produce right now isn’t great it will get there with time.

I am an apprentice in the Automotive industry, working as a Refinisher (Spraypainter) so my current “ponderments” are in that general direction. Although, if the world is a canvas, i’ll try to draw everything. If you catch my drift.